Team Working in Distributed Environments



For inclusivity, skills and knowledge are of no importance in M253. Opportunity is maximised by reaching out to those with no idea of how to operate a computer. Here everyone is equal and can be made to feel as if they are part of a real software development team though fairness and democracy. The opinion matters and everyone needs a voice. This allows for complex problem solving through democratic reasoning, a new and exciting area of science. By combining the collective IQ, getting everyone to vote, the answer is always right.

This course is all about communicating, the how is basically up to your team. When your team decides to do Voice over IP conferences and it comes to software selection, you are free to suggest an open source solution. My team went with Skype, which is not open at all, but does work very well on Linux.

I do not know any acceptable replacement for Skype when it comes to ease of use.