Building Blocks of Software



The course files can be copied from the CD-ROM, no need for the installer.

This course uses a specialised programming environment developed by the OU, called WorkPad. This is how it is installed:

First, get Java 5.


Now get the M263 Software CD-ROM, mount it, navigate into M263 and copy the WorkPad directory somewhere.

Then navigate to your copy of the WorkPad directory and create an executable file, named workpad, with the following content:

cd "`dirname "$0"`"
java -jar M263.jar $@

You can now start the workpad with ./workpad.

If you'd like a Desktop Entry, create one named workpad.desktop with the following content (correct the path to the script you created):

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/files/open\ university/m263/WorkPad/workpad


For those on a mac you can make a clickable application by following the following instructions.

Firstly you will need the jar bundler app. In finder select go to folder and tyoe /usr/share/java/Tools there should be a file called jar bundler if there isn't you will need to install it from your mac os x cds.

Ok open jar bundler where it says main class click choose then navigate to the M263.jar file you copied. Next click classpaths and files, click add navigate to where the M263.jar file is but don't add it, add the js.jar, jsc.jar and M263js.jar then click build information and create application, save it where you want and voila! You have your clickable app.

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