NetBeans is a decent integrated development environment. Below are instructions to install it.


There are several versions available of NetBeans and different courses use different versions. The course page should tell you what exact version of NetBeans you need.

NetBeans 4.1Edit

NetBeans 5.5.1Edit

Typical installation instructionsEdit


Open up a terminal and go to where you downloaded the .bin file. Then execute:

chmod +x netbeans-*-linux.bin

And follow the wizard for the installation. That's it! So far you're set! Nothing OU specific this time I guess.

If your default JDK is not Sun's, you can specify its location, for instance:

./netbeans-*-linux.bin -is:javahome /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun


Feel free to contact me if you found a way to make this work on Mac. I guess it's basically the same as with Linux, so try it!