First, get a Java 5 JRE, unless you did that already.


Now download the jar file from the OU as the windows users would.

You can start it like this:

java -jar violet-0.15.jar

Change the jar name to fit the one you downloaded, that is the name of mine.

To have a more convenient way of starting it, put it wherever you like it and create an executable file with the following content there:

cd "`dirname "$0"`"
java -jar violet-0.15.jar $@

If you want a Desktop Entry too, create one named violet.desktop with the following content (paths altered as necessary):

[Desktop Entry]

If you would like to have an application icon, make sure you have the tool unzip installed and execute the following while being in the directory where you installed Violet, i.e., the directory where violet-0.15.jar resides:

unzip -j violet-0.15.jar com/horstmann/violet/framework/violet.jpg

Then, add the following line to the Desktop Entry (it's usually below the Exec line, but it doesn't matter where you put it):



It should be roughly the same than on Linux, feel free to elaborate here.

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