If you cannot make an application run and are unable to find a sensible alternative, you are forced to buy and use Microsoft Windows.

You have, so far, two possibilities:

  • Remove your favorite operating system and install Windows.
  • Install Windows along with your main OS and reboot into it if necessary.

Both solutions are not particular elegant. But an increasingly popular alternative is available: Virtualization. That is, creating a virtual computer on your physical computer and install an operating system on it.

Once you've set it up, you could basically follow all the OU instructions and never visit this website again - you'll have a regular Windows installation.


The most popular virtualization system is available for Linux: VMware.It won't cost you any money, you just have to sign up. It is a good advise to use a fake e-mail account or a service like TemporaryInbox for the registration, since I started to receive spam after I first signed up with VMware.

Despite this annoying fact, VMware is easy and just works.

VirtualBox is a free and open source virtualization system created by Sun. It is at least as easy to use as VMware, and has become my preferred solution.

Mac OS XEdit

VirtualBox works on Mac OS X.